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Welcome to my blog. I spend most of my time working on The Adventure Project. This is a work in progress. 


Today marks a new adventure for me. Launching something big. Totally scary and nerve-wracking. Yet I believe it has the potential to grow into something we haven't fully realized. It's gets me out of bed at 5 AM, and has me passing out on the couch at midnight.  It feeds my addiction to help others.  In ways that are dignified and true.

I'm so grateful for the others. The ones who share this path with me. They have inspired me, lifted me up, and joined in fighting along-side. They are why I am here today. And why living room's such a mess.

This year has been hard. But this project marks my decision to make it better. I'm so thankful. For everything.

Email me if you'd like to join our tribe:

Either I'm having a stroke, drank too much coffee, or launched a non-profit today.

rubble with a cause.